A revolution in European healthcare

When one thinks of public health, a harmonized regional system does not come to minds.

However, this is the way EU Member States are headed. Article 168 TFEU established public health as a shared competence between the member states and the European Union. Together they have created a proposal for Regulation for a shared European Health Data Space which would lead to the highest level of conformity between Member States’ health policies

Such a shared space in the health area has many advantages. Regulation supplies to prevent shortages is one of them – like for example masks and vaccines during Covid-19, which proved just how unprepared state governments are to tackle such cross-border issue.

On the horizon is the constitution of a bigger pool for conducting health-related statistics, which can positively contribute to research and innovation in different fields of health. A Regulation that poses a uniform standard based on data sharing can provide a much needed incentive to better health care systems in countries where it is underdeveloped, underfunded or understaffed. It creates a common, higher standard of healthcare, leveling the playing field for Member States and building a basis for better healthcare in each one. These notions are in line with values that the last 3 years put forwards as fundamental – shared responsibility for health, mutual cooperation.

Furthermore, the construction of a digital space for uploading health files can contribute to the freedom of movement with uniform standards for filing health declarations and other documents, removing the problem of possibledifferentiation between doctors on required documentation and providing equal care for all patients – national or foreign.

All these positives compiled ensure a step further towards constituting a ‘domestic’ European health care system revolution int he way we view health as purely a national matter.

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