Flagship Projects



ELSA Day was held for first time on the 20th of March 2013. This was the first time in the ELSA history when the entire ELSA Network was working together to realise a unique Human Rights forum, to discuss International and European standards of protection and implementation of human rights.


It succeeded in realising a unique Human Rights forum of coordinated ELSA Day events where the Network discussed national and international standards of protections and implementation of Human Rights. The forum was united under the banner “all different, all together”, the idea falling back on ELSA’s Vision.


Since then we have continued to jointly demonstrate our Human Rights Commitment by providing legal education opportunities, which enable law students to be independent and critical members of society every year.


The 7th edition of ELSA Day will take place on the 28th of November 2018. This time the focus will be on Right to education.  


How to get involved?

Get a shoebox, fill it with scholarly materials and drop it off to Room E210 ELSA Tilburg until 10th December

John H. Jackson Moot Court Competition

The John H. Jackson Moot Court Competition is a simulated hearing of the WTO dispute settlement system. The teams prepare and analyze a fictive case and present their arguments both for the Complainant and the Respondent in front of a Panel which consists of WTO and trade law experts.


The aim is to enhance knowledge of international trade law and WTO dispute settlement procedures as well as to enhance the capacity for meaningful engagement in multilateral trade in the long term.


The teams prepare written submissions for the complainant and respondent of a fictitious case written by a WTO professional.


Are composed of 6 elimination rounds. They are taking place all over the world: an All-American Round, two Asia-Pacific Rounds, two European Rounds and an African Round. The best 20 teams from all over the world will be qualified to participate in the Final Oral Round, which takes place in Geneva, Switzerland.


Participants have the opportunity to make contacts with people from all around the world. Participating in the competition will provide you with a professional experience already during your studies. This is of extreme importance upon entering the professional life. The participants have a much higher chance to become leading trade lawyers.

Student Trainee Exchange Programme

STEP traineeships are very diverse, they are available for students from all education levels, all jurisdictions and various language backgrounds. It gives our members the opportunity to acquire a working experience in a legal field in a foreign country and compare the legal system of the country of your origin and foreign legal systems.


STEP is available for law students and recent graduates who are ELSA members with each traineeship lasting from 2 weeks to 2 years.


Programmes have different working languages, and are available for students from all study levels.


Contact your local ELSA group and STEP officer in particular to get more information about STEP. Choose up to 3 traineeships from the list and fill in the online application form on the STEP Portal step.elsa.org;

Arrange a meeting with the local STEP officer to proceed with the application before the deadline. After verified and approved by the local STEP officer, the STEP traineeship provider makes the final selection.


The next STEP application period closes on the 10th December. Good luck!

Summer and Winter ELSA Law Schools

The ELSA Network organises ELSA Law Schools in different cities all over Europe. Take your chance to improve your legal skills outside of university during summer or winter break.


During one week, the academic programme is taught by leading experts in their respective field of law. The biggest advantage of an ELSA Law School is the combination of a theoretical view provided by highly-esteemed professors and practical view provided by experienced lawyers. ELSA Law Schools are aimed at training your skills. Therefore the programme usually includes mock trials, case studies, practical workshops, institutional visits and more.


ELSA Law Schools are available for students and young lawyers from all over the world with all programmes instructed in English. During an ELSA Law School you will meet people from different cultures and you will get to explore other countries. An ELSA Law School could be one of the best experiences of your life!


Ask your local group how to apply for this amazing opportunity or visit the website now.


The application for the Winter Law Schools is now closed. Please wait for the Summer Law School Application Period.


European Human Rights Moot Court Competition

The EHRMCC provides a unique opportunity for students to experience the principles and implementation of the European Convention on Human Rights firsthand. It give members the possibility to gain practical experience comparable to real pleading in front of the European Court of Human Rights. The competition is held in English with networking opportunities with other participants and Judges.


Teams consist of 2-4 students currently enrolled in undergraduate or Masters’ studies in law at an eligible university.


Together with our Human Rights Partner, the Council of Europe, ELSA has, in addition to the Human Rights Moot Court Competition, taken several initiatives to promote Human Rights awareness among our target audience. Furthermore, ELSA aims at bringing forward the point of view of Human Rights in conjunction with other legal topics in all of our activities.


Every member of the winning team is invited for the traineeship at the European Court of Human Rights.


Applications for the 7th edition of the EHRMCC will be open until the 18th November 2018 23:59, CET

ELSA Delegations

Owing to the good name and high credibility of ELSA, our members and alumni have a unique chance to become a part of international decision-making and to represent our network in front of leading world experts. 


Get an insight in the daily work of recognised international organisations and experience the feeling of drafting international legal documents. Acquire a legal background in topics you would never otherwise have a chance to learn about.


Find out more about the reasoning behind international policies, treaties and other acts. Get a chance to meet with leading lawyers in the respective field of law. Acquire contacts of professional diplomats and get closer to your potential future career.


ELSA Delegations will give you the chance to join sessions in the headquarters of international organisations, to be a part of various conferences and to get to know cities to which you have never been before.


Calls for Delegations are announced every two or three months. The next call will be open soon.

Legal Research Group

The Legal Research Group is a group of law students and young lawyers carrying out a research in a specified field of law with an aim to make their conclusions publicly and internationally accessible. Conduct the research together with legal professionals and join the project, which is supported by Council of Europe and many other recognized institutions.


Legal research goes hand in hand with the development of various legal skills, necesarry for profesional carreer, such as legal english, legal writing, research skill, teamwork etc. All work is carried out in English.


Due to the fact that the reports are very extensive and detailed, some of them have already served as a tool for legal developments of the EU or as a platform for establishment of a new legislation in many countries. Therefore, the work is highly valued and recognized by the legal community.


All participants are awarded with Certificate of participation and are invited to concluding conference as speakers.


Within the National Research Groups, there are positions for Researchers (to provide the research), Academic Coordinators (to support the National Researchers) and Linguistic Editors (to proofread the reports). After the application phase, the National Coordinator selects their team. Contact your Local Group to get involved.

International Trainers Pool

The International Trainers’ Pool (ITP) is a team of trainers comprised mostly of former experienced ELSA members and officers coming from different countries.

The members of the ITP are the trainers who travel around the whole ELSA Network to deliver training sessions according to the requests of the ELSA Groups. Currently, there are 36 ITP Trainers.


A training session is delivered by a trainer on a specific topic. The aim is that the participants acquire new skills, or further practise the ones they have already obtained.

The trainer provides the participants with the theoretical knowledge they need, and then prepares exercises for practical implementation. Through a training session, people can develop their self-awareness, improve intrapersonal and interpersonal competences, as well as gain knowledge and expertise.

ELSA Negotiation Competition

The ELSA Negotiation Competition (ENC) is a simulation of a negotiation process between two parties. For this purpose, two teams consisting of two law students and young lawyers each representing a client or a party negotiate a legal dispute.


These simulations will be observed and evaluated by a panel of three judges who shall be legal practitioners allowing participants to obtain advanced skills in the field of negotiation.


This competition gives students the possibility to exercise their public speaking and negotiation skills. Furthermore, it provides a network of professional contacts and best students’ profiles.

ELSA Law Review

The ELSA Law Review is an annual, student-edited and peer-reviewed law journal published by ELSA


The mission of the ELSA Law Review is to create a forum for the analysis and discussion of contemporary legal issues by serving as an avenue for the ELSA network to publish its academic work. It aims to provide law students and young lawyers, as well as the wider legal profession, with a source of critical commentary that is outside the scope of the typical legal curriculum.


The ELSA Law Review is a publication since 1989 and it used to be published twice per year until 1996. It was re-established in 2015.


The Law Review does not restrict itself to a particular body of law but seeks contributions from all branches of the law, be it National, European or International. Submissions are welcome from all law students and young lawyers throughout the network and non-members out of Europe. Articles can be on any legal topic between 3000-8000.


Contact ELSA International for the opportunity to expand your legal knowledge and to exercise your legal writing skills and legal English. 

Your paper, then, will be available for the public to read and putting a publication on your CV encourages employers to assess your knowledge and writing, increasing the chance for you to stand out of the crowd during selection procedure.