Benefits of becoming a Member!

By being a member of ELSA, you are offered a lot of opportunities which will develop your personality, will enrich your education, will improve your skills, will broaden your horizons and will provide you with diverse alternatives for your future.


  • Expand your network of law students
  • Participate in activities, both in Tilburg and at the (inter)national level
  • Become active in a committee and be apart of making a difference for ELSA Tilburg members
  • Experience institutional visits and networking with lawyers and judges through Moot Courts and Delegations
  • Join us on a journey through Europe
  • Become informed monthly about our upcoming activities and important information via the Newsletter
  • Enjoy our drinks and other social events
  • Get access to premium projects, available only for ELSA Members - national legal research groups, summer schools, national and international delegations


Please fill in the membership form below.


The contribution for one year is €15,00

First year bachelor student membership costs €5,00

Please expect this payment drawn from your bank in March/April of the academic year. However, if you have already paid in cash or transferred the money manually, don't worry, we will not charge you again.

ELSA membership is open to all students, employees and graduates of Tilburg Law School.


Cancellations of membership must be made in writing by email to the Secretary General ( before 1 August of each year. This is in accordance with the ELSA Tilburg Statutes under Article 7:

      Termination of the membership by the member or by the association can take place at the end of the association year.

      If the membership ends in the course of an association year, the annual contribution for the whole remains payable.

Termination will take effect from 1 August of the academic year, therefore, you will still benefit from membership for the remainder of the year.

If you cancel your membership after 1 August, contribution must be paid for the entire year. Please expect this payment in March/April of the academic year.


Q.     How do I become an active member?


 We usually have five/six committees with information evenings and interviews held at the beginning of each semester. However, if you want to become active in the meantime, drop by our office or send us an email asking for further instructions!



Q.    Does ELSA Tilburg have an Alumni Network?


Yes. ELSA Tilburg works together with ELSA Netherlands to create an alumni network. If youhave graduated and would like to join, please email


Q.    How do I sign up for ELSA Tilburg's Monthly Newsletter?


By signing up as a member, you are automatically added to our mailing list. If you wish to unsubscribe but still remain a member, please email