As an established network that has connected students across various universities in the Netherlands throughout the years, ELSA Tilburg maintains a vibrant and diverse Alumni Network that enables former ELSA officers to keep in touch with the ELSA community even after their legal education has been completed.


The diversity of careers pursued by former ELSA members means that our Alumni Network holds a vast amount of knowledge for current law students to benefit from. You may be turned to as speakers for events, workshop leaders at NCMs, or invited for ELSA Tilburg’s reunion events.


If you are an alumnus looking to reconnect with the network, we invite you to register your interest via email to:

ELSA the Netherlands Alumni



We hope to keep you part of this network and we are looking forward to enjoy and work on the expansion of our association once more.

Founded in 1991, the ELSA Lawyers Society (ELS) is the international alumni association of ELSA. ELS is a network of former ELSA members to keep in touch with friends, to connect legal professionals and provide support for ELSA and its members. Membership of ELS is open to all ELSA members that are at the end of their ELSA career and those that were ELSA members and have already graduated.