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UPCOMING EVENTS (Selected, for more check our Facebook page - ELSA Tilburg!)

PAST EVENTS (Selected)

Since the European elections are coming up on the 23rd of May, AEGEE and ELSA are organising a debate night where we will discuss some hot topics in the European Union.

The night will start with a short presentation on what the European elections entail, and how the procedure works. After that, the discussions will start.

The event starts at 20:00pm and will end around 21:30pm. After this, we will continue the discussions in a more informal way, over drinks. 

Want to learn how to convince others of your opinion on Human Rights? This is the perfect event for you! For the first time, Cicero, ELSA, Extra Muros, STAI and Unicef join forces to host the Human Rights Debate Night.

After a short workshop on debating skills, you will be able to put your skills to the test in several rounds of debate. The topics for these debates will be related to Human Rights, varying from the right to privacy to the right to a fair trial.

Are you interested in what opportunities studying global or international law brings? What door it can open? How hard or easy it can be? What fields are the most challenging? Come to our Global Law Info Session to find out!

Don’t worry, this meeting is not only for bachelor students; some of our speakers are already alumni who are currently earning master degrees in law or doing their internships! We have invited, for example, a student who just came back from her exchange in Chile, a graduate student of both Global Law and Law and Technology degrees, a third-year student currently pursuing the business major... and many more!

This meeting will serve as a unique opportunity to learn from experience of students of different ages and specialisations! Who knows, maybe you will learn how to get straight 10s or how to find a job in the field?



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