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PAST EVENTS (Selected)

An event in collaboration between STAI and ELSA Tilburg

Do you have an interest in human rights law? Are you interested in learning about the impact of businesses on human rights? Would you like to know how, as a consumer, can impact business activity? This is the event for you! In this event, we explore this topic by bringing you a discussion with 3 speakers, and 3 different perspectives:
- Business and Human Rights Law
- Business Activity and Management
- Consumer Activity

Are you interested in acquiring experience outside the classroom? In seeing the legal profession in action? In discovering which field of law interests you the most? In developing skills and gaining knowledge that is coveted by potential employers. Does exploring new cultures and traditions sound intriguing? Then the Student Trainee Exchange Program (STEP) may be for you. Please join us on the 16th of November to find out more information on what STEP is, what the requirements are, and how you can apply.

We are very pleased to announce that we will be having our first General Members' Meeting for this term on the 15th of October at 18:00 GMT) This meeting will be an introductory one, as the board of ELSA Tilburg would like to make use of this opportunity to get to know our new members and also give our new members a chance to get to know one another! General introductions of our board members and their plans for this year will also be adressed in this meeting! We hope that you are all doing well and are staying safe in these troubling times; until then the board of ELSA Tilburg 2020-2021 will be looking forward to seeing you all!

What is a Moot Court, why should you participate and what are the benefits for your legal career? These and many more questions will be answered in our Moot Court Info session. We invited 3 speakers to share their first hand knowledge and answer all your questions relating to the topic. No prior registration required.

We are bringing in GLB alumni and older students in front of you, ready to answer all your questions. They will thoroughly present their experiences, in order for you to have an idea what your years will look like and share their experiences on Master’s and the job market.
This event is interesting for both, first years, who want to receive some first hand tips and tricks, and older students who are curious to hear about masters and job opportunities.

Apart from having a 2nd year, a 3rd year and a fast track student, two masters students will be open to tell you about their experiences. Aside from that we managed to find two Global Law Alumni who already finished their degrees, working in the Legal Tech sector, and will be able to tell you about their experiences with the job market!

We are bringing GLB alumni and older students in front of you, ready to answer all your questions. They will thoroughly present their experiences, in order for you to have an idea what your years will look like, and also give you some crucial tips and tricks for the upcoming challenges.

Don’t worry, this meeting is not only for bachelor students; some of our speakers are already alumni who are currently earning master degrees in law or doing their internships! We have invited, for example, a student who just came back from her exchange in Chile, a graduate student of both Global Law and Law and Technology degrees, a third-year student currently pursuing the business major... and many more!

Since the European elections are coming up on the 23rd of May, AEGEE and ELSA are organising a debate night where we will discuss some hot topics in the European Union.

The night will start with a short presentation on what the European elections entail, and how the procedure works. After that, the discussions will start.

The event starts at 20:00pm and will end around 21:30pm. After this, we will continue the discussions in a more informal way, over drinks. 

Want to learn how to convince others of your opinion on Human Rights? This is the perfect event for you! For the first time, Cicero, ELSA, Extra Muros, STAI and Unicef join forces to host the Human Rights Debate Night.

After a short workshop on debating skills, you will be able to put your skills to the test in several rounds of debate. The topics for these debates will be related to Human Rights, varying from the right to privacy to the right to a fair trial.