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April, 2019


ELSA in Brussels Study Trip

Have you ever wanted to visit the European Council, the Parliament or the European Commission? Is it your dream to work in such an Institution or you just wondered how it all works there? ELSA Tilburg members have to opportunity to visit these highly-esteemed institutions so you will have a complete understanding on how they actually work, supplementing the theory already studied so far.

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May 7th, 2019


Human Rights Debate

Want to learn how to convince others of your opinion on Human Rights?

Join ELSA Tilburg, STAI, Cicero, Extra Muros and UNICEF on May 7th to debate this topic.

After a short workshop on debating skills, you will be able to put your skills to the test in several rounds of debate. The topics for these debates will be related to Human Rights, varying from the right to privacy to the right to a fair trial.

Tilburg University




ELSA Tilburg Room E210 Warandelaan 2

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