ELSA Tilburg Board represents the Association and is responsible for its everyday running and management. It also promotes the aims and supervises the fields of activity of ELSA. The Board comprises seven part-time officers elected by the General Members, for an annual term that starts on August 1st and ends on July 31st of the next year.

Katie Benedickter, President

Dear Tilburg Law Students, 

My name is Katie Benedickter, a third year Global Law Student from Liverpool, England.

I am especially excited to be elected the new ELSA Tilburg President. This year, I will work towards a productive and successful ELSA season. With the encouragement and help from my fellow ELSA colleagues and law students, I will put in hard work and determination to confidently represent you in the best possible way.


As President, my function consists of Board Management, External Relations and Expansion. I assist my fellow board members with whatever they need, so I am involved and up-to-date with everything that is going on with the association. I am in contact with the other associations on campus, the university and other local ELSA groups.

Jagoda Kusmierek, Secretary-General

Dear Members,

This year, I will be the Secretary General of ELSA Tilburg for 2018/2019. I am a third-year Global Law Student at Tilburg University. 

I have been an active member of ELSA Tilburg for two years now and have been part of the committee for the Academic Activities. This year I decided to challenge myself and become Secretary General. I will do my best together with my board to make sure that ELSA Tilburg will be as successful as possible. Looking forward to seeing all of you during the academic year.


My function is Internal Management. As Secretary General, I stay up to date with all the internal and external communications of ELSA Tilburg and processing all the subscriptions of ELSA Tilburg. I am responsible for minutes and organising drinks, Active Member Activities and General Members Meetings.

Eliza Badesku, Treasurer

My name is Eliza Badesku and as a 22 year old Global Law student, I will be the new Treasurer for ELSA Tilburg. The action plan for me this year is firstly to focus on establishing an organized and well adjusted budget and financial planning, as well as obtaining sponsors. My second goal would be to find more re-usable and sustainable ways to inform our members of future events, as well as potential membership materials. Thirdly the Networking Lunch is an event, of high value, since it enables them to meet potential employers, by being introduced to their law firm representatives. 


My role as Treasurer is monitoring and controlling the financial policy of ELSA Tilburg. I work closely with my fellow board members to prepare the budgets for various activities, seminars and conferences. Moreover, as an Acquisition Director I am responsible for attracting sponsoring funds, in order to create an even more stable association.

Laura Vatui, Vice President for Marketing

Hi everyone! My name is Laura Vătui and I am the VP for Marketing of ELSA Tilburg. I am a 21 year-old Global law student in her third year, coming from Romania. I can describe myself as outgoing, confident, positive, hardworking and extremely organised. I also enjoy socializing and I always stick to a plan, as I am a perfectionist.

My goal during this board year would be to reach a larger number of law students, as well as engaging the existing ones into being more active. Therefore, I wish to achieve an ‘ELSA community’. I consider this step to be a central one in elevating the association and thus making it more visible. An ‘ELSA community’ will allow the members to meet and interact more often, while developing their ELSA spirit!


As VP for Marketing, I make sure students and everyone involved knows what ELSA Tilburg is and does. I design posters, flyers, photos, everything that makes clear who we are and what we do, making sure all the social media pages and the website are up to date. I also work on bigger projects, such as TOPweek and think of ways to constantly gain popularity.

Emma Kakes, Vice President for Academic Activities

Hi everybody, my name is Emma Kakes. I am 24 years old and this year I am the VP for Academic Activities. During my bachelor in Dutch law, I have had the chance to live in Cape Town where I did a minor in public management and an internship in a human rights office. I am currently studying the Master of International Law and Global Governance where I am focussing on climate law. During this year I am eager to organise professional and legal events, but also fun, social activities as we are students after all. I am really looking forward to this year and I hope to meet you all soon!


Arranging law firm visits, lectures and other activities with an high academic value is my task as VP AA. I spend my time thinking of new activities which are academic and give a broader knowledge of law. This consists of organising speakers, places to visit and deciding how the event will unfold on the day. I am also responsible for multiple ELSA Moot Court Competitions.

Nathalia Gomes-Cortez, Vice President for Seminars & Conferences

Dear TLS Students,

I am Nathalia Cortez, Vice President of Seminars and Conferences for ELSA Tilburg. Together we plan nice activities for our members such as legal trips for the main institutions in the world, competitions, such as negotiations and moot court ones. These events aim to improve the legal skills of our members, get involved in the lawyer networking of the Netherlands and help the Law School on planning seminars and talks with influential people. Does it sound like a great work for you? You can become part of my committee and together we can work on planning and developing nice activities!


As VP for S&C, I arrange lectures and conferences based upon topics related to society, but also controversial topics which you think more students should be aware of. Contacting speakers and lecturers and ensuring that the event is properly arranged from start to finish is a main responsibility of mine. Moreover, you also organize study trips, both in or outside Europe!

Georgi Iliev, Vice President for Student Trainee Exchange Programme

My name is Georgi Iliev and I am an International student coming from Bulgaria. Besides being in my final academic year at the Global Law Bachelor, the period of 2018-2019 brought me the opportunity to represent you by assisting you in utilizing the capacity of ELSA’s vast network. My field of work will reveal opportunities to those of you willing to transcend the constraints of the academic curriculum and experience the real practice. For this purpose I am going to address potential providers of such experience with the purpose of establishing long-lasting collaborations which would afford us the opportunity to contribute to the operational environment of various public, legal and business sectors in return for invaluable experience. Moreover, I am going to be responsible for your experience from the moment of your application until the very end of the traineeship you choose.


The VP STEP makes sure students from all over the world are welcomed here in Tilburg during their internship abroad. ELSA offers members 199 traineeships in 31 countries and ELSA Tilburg provides multiple internships at Wolf Legal Publishers. It is my job to maintain good connections to ensure a continuing good cooperation and look for new possibilities for internships we can offer.



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